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Supplementation and Compensation

Permission to supplement CSDE fellowships or accept additional compensation while receiving a CSDE Fellowship is conditional on these factors:

  • NIH permits fellows to engage in part-time employment incidental to their training to offset further their expenses so long as the fellow pursues their research training full time, which is generally defined by NIH as devoting at least 40 hours per week to research training activities. Beyond the full-time training, fellows may spend on average an additional 25% of their time (e.g., 10 hours per week) in part time research, teaching, or clinical employment, so long as those activities do not interfere with, or lengthen, the duration their training.
  • Funds provided as compensation for work may be funded by Federal grants, including PHS research grants, as long as the research is not the same research conducted for the dissertation or fellowship research (NIHGPS
  • The use of Public Health Service (PHS) funds for stipend supplementation is prohibited (NIHGPS
  • CSDE considers the fellow’s academic performance and progress, the career building benefit of the activity, and its potential impact on academic performance.